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Training Starts : August 16th, 2023, 3 PM IST

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Data Vault 2.0 is the prescriptive, industry standard methodology for you to turn raw data into actionable intelligence, leading to tangible business outcomes. Follow our proactive, proven recipe, and transform your raw data into information that will allow you to produce the results that your business find most valuable.

What Industry Thought Leaders Say

"Dan has devised one of the only truly groundbreaking innovations in information architecture over the past twenty years. The Data Vault should be considered as a potential standard for RDBMS-based analytic data management by organizations looking to achieve a high degree of flexibility, performance and openness."

– Doug Laney, Author of #1 Best-Selling Book Infonomics

“Over multiple years, Dan improved the Data Vault and evolved it into Data Vault 2.0. Today thisSystem Of Business Intelligence includes not only a more sophisticated model, but an agile methodology, a reference architecture for enterprise data warehouse systems, and best practices for implementation. 


     The Data Vault 2.0 System Of Business Intelligence is ground-breaking, again. It incorporates concepts from massively parallel architectures, Big Data, real-time and unstructured data.”

– Bill Inmon, Universally acknowledged as the “Father of Data Warehousing”

"The Data Vault is foundationally strong and an exceptionally scalable architecture"

– Stephen Brobst, CTO, Teradata

"This should be called the 'Foundational Warehouse Model', and it looks to be a solid implementation paradigm that’s highly scalable"

– Clive Finkelstein, Zachman Framework

"Businesses are inundated with change—constant, rapid and unpredictable change—sometimes even before the first data warehouse iteration is rolled out. A key driver of the data vault model and methodology is to ease the problems associated with such ongoing change."

– Barry Devlin, Industry Thought Leader & Founder, 9 Sight Consulting

Course Curricula & Agenda

Important Note: The instructor has decided to deliver this bootcamp in 7-days x 4 hour chunks for student convenience. The agenda, sequence of topics and what is covered in each session, will be driven by the instructor. There are optional sections which may be delivered or omitted at the instructors discretion depending on time availability.

Training materials including student manual, exam prep guide, online pre-requisite videos, two attempts at the CDVP2 certification exam.

Part 1 - Foundational Concepts 

To participate effectively on a Data Vault 2.0 (DV2) implementation, team members need to understand the DV2 foundational concepts so that each member can be actively engaged in the team’s decision-making and progress. This first part of training introduces the importance of the Data Vault 2.0 approach, the methodology and architectural disciplines it envelopes, and how it incorporates and encompasses any number of technologies to deliver the business value sought by the enterprise.

Topics covered

Data Vault 2.0 Overview / Review / Introduction 

Hadoop Platform Overview (Cursory look) - Optional 

SMP vs MPP - Optional 

Data Vault Case Studies 

Business Vault 

Value of Data as an Asset 

Business Processes to Business Keys 

Hashing and Sequences 

Common Terminology 

Core DV Structures

Part 2 - Data Architecture & Data Vault 2.0 Modeling

Here, you will cover more of the architecture and begin to dive into the modeling. This is where all three of the Data Vault Pillars are brought together. The student will begin to follow the thread from the methodology into the architecture and out to the model – comprehending why the standards and rules are paramount to the implementation. The student will also begin to understand how these Pillars ensure a successful system build within a hybrid technological environment, and will be able to put into practice current knowledge during the Group Workshop Exercise. 
Topics covered

Dependent Child Concept 

Driving Key 

Link to Link Denormalization 

Exploration Links 

Applying Links 

Non-Historized Link 

Satellites in depth 

Distribution and Co-Location - Optional

Queries in Hadoop MPP / Hive - Optional 

Point-In-Time and Bridge Tables 

Group Workshop

Part 3 - Implementation Guidelines/Performance/Advanced Concepts 

After the workshop, each group presents their solution / approach to the Group Workshop problem. Each team will present and explain their design. This section will introduce the student to advanced modeling techniques and variety of performance tuning strategies available in a Data Vault 2.0 solution.

Topics covered

Group Workshop Review 

Data Vault in a Data Lake (Cursory View) - Optional 

Record Source Tracking 

Applying Set Logic 

ELT / ETL Performance Tuning 

Loading Architecture 

Column Comparison and Hash Differences 

Zero Key Concept 

Staging Loads 

DV2.0 Loading Templates / Standards 

End-Dating Satellite Templates 

Real-Time Loading 

Dealing with Corrupted Data

Know Your Instructor

Sanjay Pande is the co-founder of Data Vault Alliance. He provides instruction and implementation coaching on big data technologies and their role in Data Warehouses especially using the Data Vault 2.0 architecture.

He has over 20 years of industry experience spanning 3 continents, consulting and advising very large enterprises, leading data integration vendors and world-renowned public research universities. 

He is an expert in Big Data, NoSQL, and Hybrid solutions. He’s worked with Dan Linstedt on Data Vault projects for over 10 years, and currently works directly with Dan to produce content for DataVaultAlliance.com (formerly LearnDataVault.com). 


Sanjay is a Certified Data Vault 2.0 Practitioner, 1 of only 7 authorized DV 2.0 trainers and 1 of 3 Certified Data Vault Masters in the world. 


Sanjay offers Authorized Data Vault 2.0 Training and Certification bootcamps; and Executive Coaching and Advisory Services; in India and surrounding areas.

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By becoming a certified practitioner you will be a part of an elite group of highly skilled individuals that are ready to deliver those valuable outcomes that businesses are looking for through your DV 2.0 implementation.

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Everything you need to know about agile delivery and methodology. You'll get access to a membership area with videos including: 

  • Discover Data Vault 2.0 and How it's Changing Everything 
  • How Data Vault 2.0 Supersedes and dwarfs Data Vault 1.0
  • What Issues Have Changed in the BI Landscape today?  
  • Actual Examples of How Businesses Have Benefitted from Data Vault 2.0  
  • How to Make Self-Service BI Viable 
  • How to be Agile in your delivery 
  • The keys to making your project successful every single time

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3-Month Access to Data Vault 2.0 Hands-On Course.

This course walks you from start to finish, from the source system model through the staging elements, to the raw vault, business vault and information mart delivery. 100% hands-on, 100% self-paced. Over 4+ Hours of Training from Dan Linstedt.

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"From my personal experience as a Data Engineer, I can vouch that implementing Data Vault is really easy at your workplace and certainly makes life easier even for the people who maintain it."

Chetan Kashikar
Analytics Professional

"The experience that I got from the Data Vault 2.0 bootcamp was mind blowing. I started to see the wisdom behind the concepts. It helped me fill in all the missing gaps, and I started to finally connect the dots."

Muhammad Moiz Ahmed
BI Expert

"Data Vault is an amazing methodology, but it is constantly evolving. This is the single best data training I have ever taken. I highly recommend it to every data professional."

Reese Evans
Data Architect

"The lessons brought the book to life and further added a human dimension to the materials, especially when the tutor drew on real-life business cases and experiences to illustrate the examples."

Richard Wheldon
Senior Software Engineer

"We have diverse applications with overlapping data coverage, multi-latency data arrival, all changing often due to the nature of the superannuation landscape in Australia, requiring the support for rapidly changing business rules. DV 2.0 deals with it with ease and elegance."

Nols Ebersohn
Manager of Information Architecture, QSuper

"Data Vault modeling combines the best of 3NF and Dimensional modeling to allow building fast, flexible, reliable and modular Data Warehouses.

Answers the what, how & why questions of Data Warehousing."

Gabor Gollnhofer
Analytics Expert

"Captures a practical body of knowledge for data warehouse development which both agile and traditional practitioners will benefit from."

Scott Ambler
Author Of Agile Modeling, Agile Database Technologies and Several Other Books